IntegratE Project

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IntegratE Project

The IntegratE project, implemented by a consortium led by the Society of Family Health (SFH) which is supported by the BMGF and co-funded with MSD for Mothers, has since 2017 been working with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) to broaden its task-sharing and task-shifting (TSTS) policy by piloting a tiered accreditation system, led by the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN) to test a task-shifting model in Lagos and Kaduna States with the view to future scale-up. The pilot, which is still ongoing, is conducting implementation research and generating evidence on PPMV and CP capacity to provide FP services, CP and PPMV perceptions of the tiered accreditation model, and client experiences with the FP services received. Preliminary findings from this first phase of IntegratE (IntegratE 1.0) are showing evidence that PPMVs can be trained on and are willing to provide a broader range of quality FP counseling and services to their clients, aided by an enabling health system architecture and consumer engagement and that women are willing to obtain these services from trained PPMVs.

The proposed follow-on project, IntegratE 2.0, builds on this evidence and learning to scale up the pilot in other states in Nigeria. Working closely with PCN, the federal and state-level MOHs, and professional associations, IntegratE 2.0 aims to sustainably scale up the evidence and learnings on the PCN-led implementation of the Tiered Accreditation System (TAS) to improve retail private sector provision of FP and PHC services, including Malaria, Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Nutrition, and Tuberculosis. The overall IntegratE project goal is to pilot new approaches to testing, integrating, and increasing the provision of quality FP and PHC services by CPs and PPMVs in 11 Nigerian states to increase access to and use of FP and PHC at these points of service by 2025 while generating further evidence for incremental policy change at State and Federal level.