Who we are

PSN Foundation
The PSN Foundation, an organ of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria was founded in 2016 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission, Incorporated trustees CAC/IT/NO 96485 dated 29th March, 2017. This registration was revalidated on 13th May, 2022 to CAC/RN 180331. The Foundation has the prime aim to serve the Nigerian Pharmaceutical community, implement complex, effective & people-centered projects, Policy Advocacy and Creation of an enabling Policy Environment for Health Programs & Projects as well as provide humanitarian assistance to the general public. We believe that the quality of lives of people primarily depend on their health and wellness. Pharmacists, who are vital members of the healthcare team play a pivotal role in ensuring a better quality of life for our people through public health, research & development, charitable support and contribution to national development.

Our Vision

To achieve an improved system through specialized services and approaches

Our Mission

To harness and channel resources in ways that optimize Pharmacy’s contribution to health and national development.

Our Core Values

Caring, Accountability, Service, Integrity, Collaboration, and Excellence

Our History

A deep dive into the program background
The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) was founded in 1927; it is one of the oldest and most organized & robust professional bodies in West Africa. PSN has contributed immensely to the advancement of the health sector and national development in the last 90 years. To consolidate on PSN modest achievements in the public health sector (advocacy, supply chain management, health system strengthening, constituency mobilization, sensitization among others), a Foundation that will focus entirely on these activities in a more sustainable way was established. The PSN Foundation mandate is to impact on the welfare and well-being of all Nigerians especially the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach population by advocating, participating and supporting the strengthening of Nigeria healthcare system.

In 2014, following a landscape study of high performing civil society organizations in Nigeria, PSN was selected to implement a 3-year Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) grant on child and family health. The 3-year (2014-2017) BMGF “Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health” (PACFaH) project was aimed at strengthening Nigeria healthcare system through advocacy for the fulfillment of policies; budgetary allocation, timely releases & budget implementation; as well as mainstreaming the management of childhood killer diseases (Pneumonia & Diarrhea); Nutrition; Family Planning and Routine Immunization; in National and sub-national health planning. The PSN was saddled with mainstreaming the management of childhood killer diseases (Pneumonia & Diarrhoea); specifically, to adopt Amoxicillin Dispersible Tablets (Amoxicillin-DT) and Zinc Low Osmolarity Rehydation Salts (Zn-Lo-ORS) as first-line treatment in the management of childhood Pneumonia and Diarrhoea.

Based on the outstanding performance of PSN in the PACFaH project, a new contract under the PACFaH@Scale (PAS) project was sub-granted to the PSN with the mandate to support the Nigeria government in the strengthening of health systems through the non-clinic based private sector (Community Pharmacists and Patent & Proprietary Medicine Vendors). PSN implemented the expansion of access to quality Family Planning (FP) services and commodities through the Community Pharmacists (CPs) and the Patent & Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMVs).

PSN Foundation is a partner within the IntegratE consortium headed by Society for Family Health (SFH) implementing Phase 2 (2021-2025) of the project in nine (9) new States; with the main goal of expanding access to quality Family Planning and Primary Health Care services and commodities in the private sector (Community Pharmacists and Patent & Proprietary Medicine Vendors).

PSN Foundation is also a partner implementing the Policy and Advocacy work stream in the Optimizing e-pharmacy for Family Planning (eP4FP) in Nigeria supported by BMGF (2022-2026). This project aims to generate evidence of whether and how hybrid e-pharmacy channels can effectively offer FP information, counseling, products, and services, and for whom in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the PSN Foundation has collaborated with several partners in the areas of Antimicrobial Resistance Stewardship (AMR), HIV/AIDS, Self Care and Domestication of Task Shifting Task Sharing Policy in Bayelsa State.

Board of Trustees

These are the PSN Foundation Board of Trustees members

Alhj. Mohammed Budah – Chairman

Prof. Lere Baale – Vice Chairman

Prof. Cyril Usifo – PSN President

Pharm. Remi Adeseun – Secretary

Dr. Margaret Ibru – PRO

Pharm. Ike Ugwu – Treasurer

Pharm Gafar Madehin – Member

Pharm. Claire Omatseye – Member

Pharm. Joke Bakare – Member

Pharm. Ibrahim Babangida – Member

What We Do

The PSN Foundation fulfills its mission by employing the following methods

1. humanitarian assistance

Provide humanitarian assistance to alleviate the sufferings of the general public by the provision of Pharmaceutical products and services.

2. Grants & Scholarships

Provide grants and scholarships and other financial awards to support Education and Research/Development in the training and practice of Pharmacy.

3. Recognition of Excellence

Make awards in recognition of excellence in the training and practice of Pharmacy

4. Funds Raising

Raise funds towards the philanthropic initiatives of the parent organization-the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria

5. Support & Collaboration

Support and collaborate with other organizations in the field of human health development, health system strengthening, provided that activities arising from such collaboration do not conflict the aforementioned objectives and nor with the objectives of the parent organization, the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria

Our Achievements

What we have achieved over the years

We need your support to provide humanitarian assistance to alleviate the sufferings of the general public.