Total Market Approach (TMA) Collaboration

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Total Market Approach (TMA) Collaboration

The PSNF works in the development space as an advocacy organization for the expansion of Health care services through the private sector CPs & PPMVs. The PSNF is known for its notable achievements in the policy and advocacy space. Hence, its excellence as a high achiever birthed the collaboration in the TMA for HIV Self-Testing, PrEP, condoms, and lubricant programming of John Snow Inc. (JSI) which is a public health care systems consultants and research-driven organization, whose goal is to improve health services and outcomes for all to ensure optimum public health care for individuals, and Mozuk Mediequip Commodities Solutions Ltd (MMCS). MMCS is a duly medical device company in Nigeria, which deals in medical equipment sales and distribution. The PSNF was able to liaise with the ACPN to coordinate the orientation meetings in the project locations.

The private sector provides over 65% of healthcare services (NDHS 2008) of which the Community Pharmacists (CPs) and Patent & Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMVs) play a critical role in providing such services to the majority of health-seeking Nigerians.
In line with improving the sustainability of HIV prevention programming for Nigeria’s key population groups to prevent HIV and STIs, there is a need to improve access, effectiveness, and reach of HIV commodities and services by harnessing the potential that lies within this critical private sector. Harnessing the potential of the private sector is essential in achieving the UNITAID 95-95-95 goal by 2030 as well as the UHC in Nigeria.

To this end, a number of consultative engagements were conducted to create awareness among CPs on the availability of HIV Self-test kits and ARVs for PrEP and also strengthen the capacity of Community Pharmacies to identify clients who require HIV Self-testing and PrEP and to link them to further care if necessary.